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Chris Remler

R+F Independent Consultant

My favorite products:
AMP MD™ System - 60 Day Supply and
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

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My Story

My "Why" has evolved since joining Rodan+Fields less than 2 months ago.

When I began the business in April of this year, it was to have the opportunity to spend time with my children (future grandchildren) during the holidays and other special times such as college football games with my youngest and visits to see my oldest in Florida.  I had previously gone back to school after my divorce 10 years ago and obtained a B.S.Ed. with the thought teaching was the solution. I had loved subbing at my sons’ day school, but honestly could not handle "teaching to test" in the inner city public school I taught in.

    I moved to Knoxville 3 years ago after getting youngest off to college and began working retail. While I loved my job, I was unable to see my boys (26 and 22) during the holidays (their father and friends live in another state) and realized this was not how I wanted my future to look like.  I ALSO noticed a huge rise in E-Commerce and how each of our big-box stores became a mini distribution center for the company (due to products selling out online but not in stores). Our most regular customers began to quit coming in (unless they needed to return something online).  I had always had dreams of eventually opening my own boutique, but I realized that goal was not going to work in the days of E-commerce!

ENTER RODAN+FIELDS---- Perfect opportunity to achieve my goal of spending time with kids, able to own my own biz with products/brand I LOVE (I loved my former brand and their clothes just like I love R+F products-! I can't sell something  I'm not passionate about!

I had seen FB posts from a sweet girl in the biz who was a friend of my son's. I actually contacted her BEFORE she contacted me! I was ready to take the leap and take my first step outside of my comfort zone! I wasn't going to let fear stop me! This was a successful company and I had seen what was happening to big-box stores in retail.

After speaking with my biz partner, a 3-way call with her sister, and a night to sleep on it, I took the leap! And I mean...ALL IN! Had my own R+F biz the very next day!

I knew my "Why" was definitely going to become a reality after I received my first paycheck after only being in business for less than 10 days! 

What I DIDN'T expect to happen was (and why my "Why" has evolved) is:

1.     My self-confidence has SOARED! Since joining this business and getting support from my team and the online training, I now talk to people I don't know and have a skip in my step (sounds corny but true). I walk a little taller, hold my head a little higher, and have really grown much more comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone!!! All because I took the LEAP!


2. I have made SO MANY FRIENDS from all over the country that share my passion and drive for success in their own R+F (and other E-Commerce businesses)  and their support is AMAZING and BEYOND ANYTHING I would have ever expected! Everyone cheers each other's successes and motivate one another! Also-my team is AMAZING!!! I love these girls so much!

3. (Most important) Seeing personally how this business not only changes skin, but changes lives.  My assistant Amanda is helping me get my business off the ground.  She is 29 and was born with Micro-Encephala and lives in my complex.  She is a HUGE help and packages my mini facial samples and helps with other tasks. Watching how THIS BUSINESS is making Amanda's confidence SOAR makes me even more grateful I took the leap and joined R+F!! She is making a little $$ rather than playing on her tablet all day AND she has also started her own dog walking and flower watering biz!  

" My Why" now includes the ability to help people with Special Needs have jobs! Maybe a training school and transportation provided to and from training/job.  Still planning and may take 20 years to accomplish but I WILL accomplish this goal! I feel SO BLESSED to have been given this opportunity!

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